You’re in charge: Make it count.

There are so many things in life over which you have absolutely no control. None whatsoever.  And newspapers seem hellbent on searing that obvious fact into your brain and soul every time you summon the courage to pick one up. The devil wants you to wallow in it, be discouraged by it, and drown in the futility of it all. Don’t let him get away with it! There is, in fact, one thing over which you DO have control. And that’s YOU. You control which dog you feed, the good one or the bad one. And like boiling that frog ever so slowly, you groom yourself in one direction or the other every day and every minute you walk this earth.

Ok, so what does any of this have to do with music lessons? Pretty much everything, that’s what. Music, good music; the kind that resonates with your soul, your very being, transcends evil and the banality of  everyday living.  If you do nothing else in life, start listening to good quality music. It’s easy enough to distinguish good versus bad “music”. How do you feel after listening to it?

Of course, I want you to take the next step. Learn just one simple little song. Not only the melody, but a full array of chords to go with it. Use that frog boiling, grooming technique to YOUR advantage for a change. Part of this process requires sweeping away some of that useless time stealing clutter that clogs your everyday schedule and replacing it with a time slot for music lessons. And while you’re at it, do the same thing for a modest exercise regimen. When done properly, both music and exercise are healing.

The first thing you want to do is create a habit: a good one. Use an alarm on your phone, write it on a calendar, whatever floats your boat; just form a new habit, even if you just sit down with a keyboard or piano and do absolutely nothing!  Start with five minutes, a ridiculously small amount of time. Even a two year old can spare five minutes of time to do something new. Sounds silly, I know; but it can work if you just follow through. 

The next thing to do is go to my store: (shown at the bottom). Peruse the site, go to the music lessons page and select a song that you liked as a child, that is, until “adulthood” stole it away from you. Listen to the free audio samples and imagine yourself doing the same thing yourself. Hey, it’s ok to have dreams. But if you want them to come true, you need to have a plan of action. 

The next thing to do is try out the free micro lesson below the audios. There is an introduction video module that also comes with the complete lesson. I understand that streaming videos can freeze up, but don’t worry. Any lesson you purchase will be downloaded and yours forever, free of the vicissitudes of the internet. Once you have watched the intro, open up the micro lesson and see what you think. If you don’t have a piano or keyboard , that’s ok. Watch it anyway. At this point, it’s ok to shop around for another song that might be easier for you to tackle. Remember, this isn’t about innate talent, it’s about forming a new habit. You can learn how to do pretty much anything you want in life if you just practice enough. I know. I’ve done it myself. Skeptical? Watch some of my music videos on the site and see if I have taken the same advice I’ve just given you.

When you have found the song you want to tackle, it’s time to get real. Make sure you have what you need to get the job done. Other than yourself and determination, what you will need is either a piano or electronic keyboard and a cell phone or tablet. Obviously, the tablet gives you more real estate to work with. Very affordable keyboards and tablets can be easily purchased and shipped to your door. Click on the links below to find one you like. 

When you have the equipment you need, go ahead and download a lesson. For the price of a modest pizza, it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. What you will download will be three video modules: Introduction to the lesson (also in the micro lesson), the melody, and the melody together with the harmony (chords). 

So what are you waiting for? A chance to get older? Knock off the procrastination, lame excuses, and personal negativity. We all have regrets, but I never EVER heard anybody tell me they regretted learning how to play a musical instrument.


Learn just a one note melody and one note harmony and get an amazing band accompaniment using an inexpensive 61 key electronic keyboard! No keyboard? No problem! Click on the link below and have one shipped right to your door for less than $100!

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